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Program Overviews

The Business Foundations Program

This is our signature program that will take you and your business from overwhelmed to organized in a matter of months. Running a business is hard, and as your business grows so do the challenges. Having a solid business foundation in place minimizes the growing pains so you can focus your time and energy where you need to (and where you want to!). 

Our Business Foundations program is offered in 3 sizes to suit the unique needs of your business. There’s no such thing as one size fits all.

*Orange text indicates an addition from the previous level

The Essentials

Covering your need-to-haves.

Program Inclusions:

✓ Needs Analysis

✓ Business Strategy Session

✓ Recruitment Process

✓ Onboarding Process

✓ Offboarding Process

✓ Workplace Policies Handbook

✓ Organizational Strategy Session

✓ Health and Safety Program

PLUS over $2,200 in additional bonuses!

Price and payment plan options:

All for $9,999 upfront or

$1,999 per month for 6 months

Most popular!

The Core

All the systems a growing team needs.

Program Inclusions:

✓ Needs Analysis & Engagement Survey

✓ Business Strategy Session

✓ Recruitment Process

✓ Onboarding Process

✓ Offboarding Process

✓ Workplace Policies Handbook

✓ Organizational Strategy Session

✓ Health and Safety Program

Performance & Development System

Compensation Framework

Benefits Review 

Payroll Process Optimization

Learn to Lead Program

PLUS over $3,800 in additional bonuses!

Price and payment plan options:

All for $24,999 upfront or

$2,499 per month for 12 months

The Executive

Preparing your foundation for it's next level.

Program Inclusions:

✓ Needs Analysis & Engagement Survey

✓ Business Strategy Session

✓ Recruitment Process

✓ Onboarding Process

✓ Offboarding Process

✓ Workplace Policies Handbook

✓ Organizational Strategy Session

✓ Health and Safety Program

✓ Performance & Development System

✓ Compensation Framework

✓ Benefits Review 

✓ Payroll Process Optimization

✓ Learn to Lead Program

Full implementation of all systems and processes

1 day per week of Executive HR Support 

PLUS over $6,900 in additional bonuses!

Price and payment plan options:

All for $74,999 upfront or

$7,499 per month for 12 months

Are you planning to grow your business, add to your team, or create better processes? Our Core program will help you do all of the above! Over the span of 12 months, Markle Consulting will help you get your business ready for big growth by creating people and business systems that your business needs to succeed. 


We work one-on-one with you to understand your business, get clear on where you want your business to go, and implement systems that will help your business run smoothly now and as you grow. After 12 months together, you’ll sleep easy knowing that your employees are more effective, your business is compliant, and you know what you need to do to grow!


Possible side effects of this program include a huge sense of relief from having a streamlined and compliant business that’s ready for growth, and higher profitability.

We start off the Core program by getting to know your business and goals, as well as what is currently working and not working. From there, we will get to work creating customized systems that will be easy to use and maintain, and that will help you grow the business of your dreams. 


We develop every Human Resources system you need for smooth and compliant business operations, help you get clear on the growth you want to see for your organization, and establish both a strategic plan and staffing plan to complete that vision. 


As we work together, we’ll only need a few hours of your time each month to plan and discuss each system. This ensures you can continue to focus on running your business. We do the heavy lifting to create the systems and train you and your team on how to use them.

Each month working together will have a different focus. Over the 12 months, we’ll cover the following:

  • Organizational Needs Analysis - We get to know the ins and outs of your organization to determine current pain points and your desired outcomes from working with us. We’ll sort out the good to haves, the want to haves, and the need to haves. With this information, change management comes easily as we determine a plan of action to integrate Markle Consulting into your business.

  • Business Strategy - We facilitate a business strategy session to understand and map out the broader goals for the business, and the plan to do so. We develop Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for the coming year and identify the steps required to get there and results to be measured. We tie these into the HR strategy.

  • Recruitment and Selection Process - We develop and implement effective and inclusive hiring practices tailored to your workplace. This includes training any leaders involved in your organization’s hiring processes on how to successfully attract and retain new talent to their team, including how to write effective job descriptions, how to interview candidates in an objective and equitable manner, and much more.

  • Onboarding and Offboarding Process - We create an onboarding process that covers all compliance bases and help employees feel welcome, understand your culture and norms, and get up-to-speed as seamlessly as possible. We also include an outplacement process that is easy to follow and rooted in dignity. 

  • Workplace Policies Handbook - We write a customized employee handbook that clearly outlines the workplace policies and expectations to save everyone time and frustration, and limit company liability. We include all the need to have and good to have policies, but will also include ones unique to your company. 

  • Organizational Strategy - We map out the target structure for the organization, departmental and reporting structures, and roles. This helps to inform hiring decisions, succession planning, and internal movement as the company grows.


  • Performance and Development System - We develop a performance management process and a performance review system that are effective in helping employees be successful, nurturing a positive culture, limiting company liability, and setting productive goals and objectives to grow both the company and employees. 


  • Learn to Lead Program - We facilitate our five-module leadership training program to build stronger leaders in your workplace. We deliver these sessions to your entire leadership team in-person or virtually, so everyone learns the fundamental management and leadership concepts together. With this approach, you’re able to discuss how these would be best applied in your unique workplace, so each module is an opportunity to learn, problem-solve and team build together. You get to learn how to lead alongside those you'll be leading with.


  • Compensation Framework - We develop a compensation analysis and framework development that establishes clear guidelines for salaries and increases based on role responsibility and tenure, which ensures pay equity. We recommend that it’s tied to your performance review process, and we can do this for you. 


  • Benefits Review - We conduct benefits and EAP audits and determine whether the value is satisfactory for the company's needs and cost. If not, we can offer additional support by researching, reviewing, and recommending other options on the market for an additional fee. 

  • Payroll Process Optimization - We complete a payroll audit to determine whether current processes and platforms are optimal for your needs and meet compliance standards. If not, we can support with sourcing a better system and creating a stronger process for an additional fee. 

  • Health and Safety Program - We develop a compliant health and safety program that meets the needs of your business size and ensures everyone is safe at work. We include all required materials and templates, and train your representative and management to carry out the program.

Is this program the right fit for you?


The Core program is for the small business or non-profit leader who:

  • Plans to grow their team and wants to make sure they hire and keep good employees

  • Doesn’t have the time or know-how to create and implement these important business systems themselves

  • Feels overwhelmed at the thought of growing their business

  • Has lots of ideas but isn’t sure where to focus their energy

  • Is tired of worrying about whether their business is compliant with laws and regulations

  • Doesn’t have the budget or the need to hire a full-time Human Resources manager

Why you need this program in your life:

The Core program is the fast-track to a strong business and people foundation. This program has given business and non-profit leaders a cost-effective and stress-free way to ensure they have the systems in place to support the growth they want. 


You need the Core program because:

  • It ensures compliance with employment law such as the Occupational Health and Safety Program and Employment Standards Act

  • It lowers your liability or chance of penalty for non-compliance

  • It saves you time and allows you to continue to focus on your business

  • It is more cost-effective than hiring an employee (or multiple employees) to do this work

  • The systems we create are aligned with best-practices, and are developed by our experienced and professional team

  • It helps create a great work environment where staff are happy, turnover is low, and leadership is strong

  • It ensures you have a strong foundation to grow your business upon


  • Unlimited Employee Training Modules Access - Everyone on your team will have access so your organization can meet this legislative requirement in Ontario 

    • Valued at $50 per employee (20 employees = $1000)


  • Role Outlines (up to 10 roles) - After conducting your organizational strategy session, we’ll develop up to 10 role outlines to ensure role clarity, appropriate workload volume, and accountability. 

    • Valued at $2,000


  • QuickBooks Deep Dive - We’ll take a deep dive into the accounting file to identify areas of inefficiency, areas of strength, and make recommendations for improvement. This includes a full review of your chart of accounts, remittances, and reconciliations. We provide written recommendations as well as an overall assessment report.

    • Valued at $700


  • 20% Discount on first year retainer 

    • Value starting at $2,160


That’s a minimum of $5,860 added value and savings when you join this program!

Price and payment plan options: All for $24,999 upfront or $2,499 per month for 12 months

What to expect

For all of our Business Foundations Programs, our role at Markle Consulting is to do all the heavy lifting to develop and implement these systems and changes in your organization. We will meet with you early on to understand the ins and outs of your business and consult you along the way. 


With any change management, your involvement is important given your leadership role in the organization, and you’ll be critical for the big decisions and strategic sessions. However, we come to every meeting prepared to ask you pointed questions so our work together is efficient yet impactful. 


For developing the new systems in your workplace, we’ve created simple questionnaires that you can complete at your convenience to help us understand your priorities with each system. We then take that information to draft up the resources and loop you in when there’s a deliverable to review. Any training we can complete with your staff or managers directly we will, so if you’d like to be minimally involved on some topics you can be.

If you want to make sure this is the right investment for you, read this:


  • You get to leave the legwork to us. 
    Working with Markle Consulting is unlike any other consulting firm. We take the time to understand your business so we can provide solutions that are customized to your organization with best practices in mind, so the solutions will actually be effective in your workplace. 

    • ​With the Essentials and Core programs, we make sure your team is trained to understand and carry forward the systems.

    • With the Executive program, we take it a step further and take care of the implementation for you. We become a member of your leadership team to answer questions and navigate the complexities of these organizational changes right by your side. 


  • This program is the most cost-effective option. 
    We recognize that as a business owner or non-profit leader, you’re typically working with constrained resources – most commonly, time and money. As a small business ourselves, we understand this perspective. However, in many of our clients’ experiences, they’ve shared that it was more cost-effective to make an investment in our professional services than continuing to try and handle everything on their own. 

    Our clients ended up with solutions that worked in a shorter timeframe than they could’ve accomplished alone or by hiring an internal employee, which saved them time in the long run to get back to doing what they’re best at. The ultimate result is more time to make money for their organization, which is something you can experience for yourself, too!


  • You’re not alone because our team becomes your team. 
    We commonly hear (and know!) that leading an organization can be a very isolating experience. Before working with us, our clients felt like they were spinning their wheels trying to think of ways to improve their business structure, move their organization forward, or navigate a challenging employee situation alone. With us on your side, our team becomes your team. 


  • We have the right answers when you need them. 
    When we’re craving answers or support, the first place that comes to mind for many is the internet. Although Google has many helpful resources, managing people and making significant changes to your business should not be left up to advice online. This is especially true for compliance-related systems when your organization’s liability is on the line. 

    Our team is here to make sure your organization is completely compliant, and that you have all the information you need, when you need it, and even when you don’t know you need it! After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. And our team will fill in those gaps!


Our role is to work with you to provide customized recommendations and solutions, human to human, and answer all of your questions so you don’t need to navigate change alone or use a search engine to ask your big business questions, ever again!


Are you ready?

Now is the time to join the Business Foundations Program:


Our clients often share that they wish they had signed on with Markle Consulting sooner, because once they started seeing the benefits of the Business Foundations Program, they couldn’t imagine running their organization any other way again! You’ll feel this relief pretty quickly once you start working with us, too. 

Due to the hands-on nature of this program, we have limited spaces available. Inquire today if there’s still space in the program or on the waitlist!

Interested in the Business Foundations Program for your business?
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