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Learn to Lead Program
As-Needed Consulting
Workplace Policies Handbook
Employee Engagement Survey
Health & Safety Program
Compensation Framework
Workplace Investigation
Mandatory Employee Training Modules

Strategic Sessions

(3 Options Available)

We meet at your place or ours (or on Zoom!) for an intensive half-day strategic session where we focus on your business in one of the following areas:


  • Option 1: Getting clear on your Business Strategy and developing 1 year Objectives and Key Results. You’ll know exactly what to focus on for the next year so you can get focused and make sh*t happen. 

  • Option 2: Focusing on your greatest asset - your people! In this Organizational Strategy session, we plan out your human resources, determine what roles your business needs to thrive, how your current people do (or don’t) fit into that, what your key hires will be, develop clear responsibilities, and create a functional reporting structure. 

  • Option 3: Struggling to optimize processes? In an Operational Deep-Dive session, we will tackle any operational challenges you’re encountering. We’ll talk about how your business functions day-to-day currently, identify pain points and areas to improve, and create a realistic action plan. We work with many clients in many industries, and have a roster at our disposal of tried and true business processes to recommend.


We have you do some pre-work to help us establish a common starting point, and provide a written deliverable after our meeting with the outcomes we established together. In any of our strategy sessions, you’ll leave with loads more clarity, focus, and direction than when you walked in. We can provide follow-ups every 3 months for 1 year after to check-in on progress and troubleshoot roadblocks.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Wants to prioritize working “on” their business and step into their CEO glory

✓ Struggles to set aside time to think big-picture about their business

✓ Needs hand-on support creating a strategy and actionable steps to complete it

✓ Would benefit from external accountability to actually make change happen

✓ Wants an opportunity to run their big ideas and challenges by experienced professionals who understand the unique needs of small businesses and non-profits

Investment: $2,499 per session


Learn to Lead Program

Our 5-module Learn to Lead program is guaranteed to build stronger leaders in your workplace. Over the course of the program, we teach your management team everything they need to know about leadership styles, how to lead a team, communicating effectively, the basics of employment standards, performance reviews, hiring, giving feedback, and more. 


We deliver these sessions to your entire management team in-person or virtually, so everyone learns the concepts together and you’re able to discuss how these would be best applied in your unique workplace. Each module is an opportunity to learn, problem-solve and team build together.


Learn more about each module.


We can customize the delivery schedule to suit your needs, but recommend one module per month.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who wants to:

✓ Support new managers and make sure they have the tools they need to succeed

✓ Develop their people into strong leaders

✓ Learn how to navigate complex interpersonal issues and employee challenges

✓ Develop consistent expectations for how managers lead their teams

✓ Provide a team building opportunity that will engage employees around a common goal

Investment: $8,999 or $1,999 per month for 5 months


As-Needed Consulting

Sometimes we just need a little help. For those one-off issues, we offer hourly consulting to suit your needs. We can provide:


  • Human resources support for individual situations, such as a termination, a WSIB claim, interpersonal conflict, a health and safety issue, or policy development, to name a few.

  • Operations assessments and optimization projects if there are areas of your business you are looking to streamline or improve.

  • Business plan development for those times you just need a good ole business plan developed and written for you.

  • Change management support for times of major organizational change. Change is hard. We can help plan for and manage change as it comes, including developing and executing communication plans to keep your team in the loop and minimize resistance. 

  • Community projects for non-profits or other business organizations who are looking for support connecting community partners and bringing folks together around a common goal.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Has a one-off need or a project with a defined timeline

✓ Isn’t sure exactly what they need

✓ Wants access to professional support on an ad hoc basis

Investment: $120 per hour


For most projects, quotes for flat rate can be prepared based on the project scope. Inquire for more details.



Workplace Policies Handbook

A well-done handbook can be a game changer for a business. Having employment policies and processes laid out helps to hold both employees and managers accountable, to clarify expectations, and to avoid problems. Plus, there are some policies that you are legally required to have in place. These can all be captured in a handbook. 


We develop a customized handbook that meets compliance with employment legislation in Ontario, including the Employment Standards Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We will go through 2 rounds of revisions, and perform your first annual edit.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Runs into issues because policies aren’t clear for employees

✓ Isn’t sure what policies they must have in place

✓ Doesn’t have the time or know-how to develop their own handbook

Investment: $1,499

Employee Engagement Survey

Have you wondered what your employees *really* think? An engagement survey is a great way to solicit honest feedback from your team on various workplace topics. 


We conduct a confidential survey to collect valuable information from your team to help you make important decisions and changes in your business. 


We start by understanding your needs, then we develop a survey structure and focus that will meet them. We do all heavy lifting to create and distribute the survey, then compile and interpret the feedback. We’ll provide you with a summary of findings and recommendations for improvement.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Want to gain a better understanding of how their employees are truly feeling

✓ Are looking to improve their company culture

✓ Struggle to solicit feedback from their team

Investment: $1599 for up to 100 questions

Health & Safety Program

As an employer, you have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure employees return home from work in the same (or better!) condition they arrived in. Health and safety, including both physical and psychological types, are a legal requirement and an essential part of a positive and predictive workplace environment.


We develop a customized health and safety program for your company that is appropriate for your size and in compliance with the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act. 


We provide all of the materials, templates, policies, and processes you need to have, and we provide the Mandatory Employee Training Modules to your team. We also train your Representatives and management so they understand exactly what is expected of them and how to carry out the program successfully. No more need to stress about the Ministry of Labour popping by!

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Doesn’t understand their legal health and safety responsibilities 

✓ Doesn’t have the time or know how to create their own program

✓ Wants to ensure they are compliant with ESA and OHSA standards and avoid fines and penalties

✓ Cares about the health and safety of their workers

Investment: $2,499

Compensation Framework

How do you make decisions about how much to pay your people? For a lot of leaders without an effective system in place, this can become a very arbitrary process without much reasoning.


We will create a compensation framework for your organization that will create consistency, establish equity, align your strategy relative to the market, and streamline compensation discussions and decisions. 


We do this by:

  • Reviewing your current compensation structure or system (if you have one)

  • Understanding your pain points, budget, and priorities

  • Conducting market comparison analysis and understanding whether you want to match, beat, or lag the market, and

  • Creating a customized, objective system to relate individuals performance outcomes and company financial performance to compensation

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Struggles to know how much to pay employees

✓ Would like a compensation strategy that both helps retain good people and is affordable

✓ Wants to tie compensation to performance of employees and the company


Investment: $1,499

Workplace Investigation

Unfortunately, harassment happens. But when it does, you have a responsibility to ensure it’s handled properly. We provide full-cycle investigation services by a Certified Investigator to handle the claim from start to finish.


This includes all interviews, documentation, evidence, detailed reporting, and recommendations needed to feel confident that you’ve done due diligence and reached a fair outcome.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Has received a claim of harassment or discrimination

✓ Understands the importance and responsibility to handle these situations properly

✓ Wants to work with a Certified Investigator they can trust and rely on

Investment: $180 per hour

Performance & Development System

Performance reviews sometimes get a bad rap. But we know that’s only because they’re often poorly handled! Performance reviews and development conversations are an important part of creating a workplace environment where employees are engaged, standards are high, expectations are met, and people continue learning and growing. 


We develop a customized performance and development system that:

  • Is easy to use for both the employee and manager

  • Creates productive and valuable discussion and feedback

  • Aligns with organizational and role-specific goals 

  • People actually enjoy!


Once we understand your needs, we create your system, go through 2 rounds of revisions, and provide 1:1 training to your managers so they know exactly how to use it. You’ll see increased performance in no time!

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Struggles with managing performance and holding employees accountable

✓ Needs a way to measure performance and support employee development

✓ Doesn’t have the time or know-how to develop their own system

Investment: $1,499

Onboarding & Offboarding Processes

First impressions are everything. So it’s important that you have an onboarding process in place that sets new hires off on the right foot. An effective process can help make new folks feel welcomed, ease the transition, reduce training time, and meet compliance with the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act (did you know there are things you have to do when hiring employees?!).


We develop a customized onboarding process to be used over and over with new hires. We include 2 rounds of revisions and a 1:1 training session to teach your hiring managers how to use it.


We also develop an offboarding process that will streamline your to-do list when employees leave your organization. Turnover is a natural part of business, and it’s important to have a system in place that is dignified and that covers all your bases when employees leave.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Wants an efficient and effective way to get their employees onboarded and offboarded

✓ Wants to make a good first impression, and feel organized when new employees are coming on board

✓ Needs to meet legislative compliance and understands why this is important

Investment: $699

QuickBooks Deep-Dive

We take a deep dive into your accounting file to identify what’s working and what’s not. We will:

  • Look at whether your numbers are being recorded in a way that gives you access to the information and data you need

  • Conduct a full review of your chart of accounts, remittances, and reconciliations

  • Provide written recommendations in an overall assessment report outlining opportunities of improvement and what’s working well


Note: This is not a financial audit.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Wants a quick assessment and fresh set of eyes to determine where their books are at

✓ Isn’t sure whether they’re able to get the information they need from their books

Investment: $699

Mandatory Employee Training Modules

Did you know you have a legal obligation to ensure all of your workers are provided certain trainings when they’re hired? These are Employment Standards Act (ESA) and Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requirements, and part of your responsibility to create a safe working environment for everyone. 


We provide online modules that cover all of the legal requirements for: 

  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

  • Health and Safety Awareness

  • Violence, Harassment, and Sexual-Harassment



Upon successful completion, we’ll provide you with certificates of completion for each employee to prove that you’ve met your responsibility.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Wants an efficient way to get their employees trained

✓ Wants to create a safe and complaint working environment

✓ Needs to meet legislative compliance and understands why this is important

Investment: $50 per employee

Interested in our Individual Services for your organization?
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