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Business Foundations Program


Markle Consulting's signature program that will take you and your business from overwhelmed to organized in a matter of months. Running a business is hard, and as your business grows so do the challenges. Having a solid business foundation in place minimizes the growing pains so you can focus your time and energy where you need to (and where you want to!). 


Our Business Foundations program is offered in 3 sizes to suit the unique needs of your business. There’s no such thing as one size fits all. 

Human Resources (HR) Management

We provide hourly support or create a customized monthly retainer to manage human resources (HR) for your organization. We can provide fractional HR support on-site, hybrid, or remotely in half day or full-day increments.

Learn to Lead Program

Our 5-module Learn to Lead program is guaranteed to build stronger leaders in your workplace. Over the course of the program, we teach your management team everything they need to know about leadership styles, how to lead a team, communicating effectively, the basics of employment standards, performance reviews, hiring, giving feedback, and more. 


We deliver these sessions to your entire management team in-person or virtually, so everyone learns the concepts together and you’re able to discuss how these would be best applied in your unique workplace. Each module is an opportunity to learn, problem-solve and team build together.

Individual Services

If you're looking for one-time support, we offer many services to suit your organization's needs. These include:

  • Strategic sessions in three different areas: business strategy, organizational structure, or an operational challenge!

  • Custom projects for non-profit organizations and business owners looking for specific support in HR or Finance, we provide flat-rate project support

  • As needed consulting, including HR support with difficult situations, business plan development, or change management support

  • Workplace investigations in the event a harassment claim has been made

  • Workplace Policies Handbooks to make employment policies clear and consistent

  • Recruitment Support including writing job descriptions, posting roles, vetting and interviewing candidates

  • Employee Engagement Surveys to solicit honest feedback from your employees

  • Health and Safety Programs to fulfill your legal and moral responsibility to create a safe workplace

  • Compensation Frameworks that create consistent and equitable compensation decisions

  • Performance and Development Systems to keep employees engaged in their work

  • Onboarding and Offboarding Processes to make a good first and last impression with employees

  • Mandatory Employee Training Modules to fulfill Ontario employers' legal obligations

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What do our happy clients have to say?

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"Working with Kaity has changed my business and life for the better. Kaity has taken so many things off my plate, and put so many processes in place that help things move smoothly and towards bigger and better things. My evenings are more free for family time which has been a goal of mine since starting my business. Despite all the stress of opening a new business and growing my team, I've never felt this sure about everything being taken care of."

Robyn, Sunday Blooms

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