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Human Resources Management

Leading a team is hard. Navigating recruitment, employee conflict, terminations, and legislative compliance can be even harder. We help ensure the 'people' part of your business runs smoothly.

Our HR professionals provide ongoing and as-needed support to workplaces across Ontario. Through hourly consulting or monthly retainers, we can help navigate your business HR needs.

With a Monthly Management retainer, we take responsibility for the human resources side of your business. This means you'll be able to focus your time and energy where it's best spent, and we'll be on your team to navigate the day-to-day challenges.

Monthly Management

We create a customized retainer to manage human resources (HR) for your organization. Depending on your needs, your retainer can include any of the following:


✓ Employee and management relations

✓ Administration management

✓ Recruitment support

✓ Employee onboarding, including orientations

✓ Offboarding support, including exit interviews

✓ Employee development and performance reviews

✓ Policy development, updates, and revisions

✓ Confidential employee support

✓ Strategic advice and support to leadership and management 

✓ Quarterly meetings or team trainings

✓ Benefits and EAP administration

✓ Joint Health & Safety Committee support

Bonus: Unlimited Mandatory Employee Training Module access

(Value $50 per employee)

We can provide fractional HR support on-site, hybrid, or remotely in half day or full-day increments.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Needs hands-on help with people management

✓ Wants to offload human resources responsibilities

✓ Doesn’t have the time or know-how to manage compliance, understand policy, or navigate complex situations

✓ Doesn’t have the need or budget for a full-time human resources employee

✓ Wants expert support without the expert price tag

✓ Has completed our Business Foundations program or has similar systems already in place and wants ongoing support

Investment: Beginning at $899 per month, determined by scope, level of support, and size of employee group

As-needed Consulting

Sometimes we just need a little help. For those one-off issues, we offer hourly consulting to suit your needs. We can provide:


  • Human resources support for individual situations, such as a termination, a WSIB claim, interpersonal conflict, a health and safety issue, or policy development, to name a few.

  • Operations assessments and optimization projects if there are areas of your business you are looking to streamline or improve.

  • Business plan development for those times you just need a good ole business plan developed and written for you.

  • Change management support for times of major organizational change. Change is hard. We can help plan for and manage change as it comes, including developing and executing communication plans to keep your team in the loop and minimize resistance. 

  • Community projects for non-profits or other business organizations who are looking for support connecting community partners and bringing folks together around a common goal.

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Has a one-off need or a project with a defined timeline

✓ Isn’t sure exactly what they need

✓ Wants access to professional support on an ad hoc basis

Investment: $120 per hour


For most projects, quotes for flat rate can be prepared based on the project scope. Inquire for more details.

What do our happy clients have to say?

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 9.17.08 PM.png

"I started working with Kaity and her team over 2.5 years ago when I finally moved my business out of the basement of my house and into a ‘real’ office. I am not exaggerating when I say that not only do I wish I had worked with her from day one, but she gave me the confidence to expand and grow my business over 200% in that time. Kaity and her team totally legitimized my business, from health and safety to employee handbooks, training manuals and leadership training. Kaity and her incredible team do it all. I have sent friends to her since then and they have all had incredibly positive experiences like mine. Knowing she and her team have my back in all things HR related has not only given me relief, but it’s taken a massive amount of work off my plate. Working with Markle Consulting is hands down one of the best investments you can make for your small (or big) business."

Christen, Ten and Co. Inc.

Interested in HR Management for your business?
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