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Who do we serve?

Markle Consulting is for the business owner and non-profit leader who: 

  • is wearing too many "hats", 

  • has limited financial understanding, 

  • has more ideas than time to execute, 

  • feels overwhelmed managing and growing a team, and

  • is tired of navigating business life alone. 

We work with clients across many industries, including tech, retail, wholesale, construction, personal care, health care, social services, and more. 


Who are we?

Markle Consulting was founded in 2020 out of a desire to ensure the small business and non-profit worlds have access to high-quality, customized, and effective professional services to help them succeed, just as the big corporations do.

We're a one-stop solution for your business administration needs. Our team of experienced professionals understand the unique challenges small businesses and non-profits face and will meet you where you're at without judgement. 

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Why work with us?


Our clients experience director-level support without the price tag and achieve business expansion, stronger financial management, better workplace cultures, more productive employees, confidence in their abilities to lead, and more freedom from day-to-day operations.

We add value to our clients' businesses and organizations by:

  • implementing systems that produce more organization, less redundancy and waste, a better culture, and more effective employees and leaders,

  • limiting liability and ensuring compliance with relevant law and legislation,

  • being a strategic partner and helping to navigate day-to-day challenges (cause let's be real - running a business and leading a team is not easy), 

  • providing coaching and education along the way to build the confidence and skills the best leaders need, and,

  • finding new homes for all those "hats". 

Our approach is non-judgemental, solution-focused, personable, and reliable. We build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and their teams and focus on delivering results that get you where you want to be, limit your stress, and help you enjoy running a business again. 

At Markle Consulting, we...

  • prioritize disconnecting, fun, and relaxation,

  • find joy in our work and in creating positive impacts,

  • continually learn and grow personally and professionally,

  • are curious and follow our hunches,

  • build connection and community,

  • add real and sustainable value for clients,

  • provide inclusive, accessible, unintimidating, and shame-free help,

  • confront challenges, admit when we're wrong, and say the tough stuff,

  • make space to fail safely and learn from mistakes,

  • are honest and respectful with ourselves and others, and

  • lead by example and model what we teach.

And we can't wait to work with you!

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