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Books Management

Having reliable, organized data allows you to make well-informed decisions about your business. But recording and maintaining that data can feel overwhelming. Let us manage that for you.


By creating streamlined month and year-end systems, we will both reduce the burden and improve your accounting practices. Whether you'd like a one-time cleanup of your books or ongoing books management by us, we'll make sure you have the data you need for important decision-making.

Clean Up Program

A one-time, intensive clean-up of your books to bring your reconciliations and remittances up-to-date, and to create the organized chart of accounts and streamlined month-end process of your dreams. Bye-bye tax season stress!


In a few months time, we will:

  • Bring your accounting file fully up-to-date so you’ll actually know how much money your business is making

  • Optimize your books and ensure you have access to your numbers that matter for your business so you can use them to make important business decisions

  • Integrate your POS and operational platforms, as applicable, to make your system super seamless and efficient

  • Create a streamlined and easy to follow month-end process that is yours to keep even if you don’t continue working with us (we hope you grow so big that you hire an internal bookkeeper!)

  • A 2 hour finance review session where we walk through your accounting file, help you understand your numbers and statements, strategize to maximize your profits, and answer any burning questions you have

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Doesn’t have the time to keep their books up-to-date

✓ Feels confused or overwhelmed by their numbers

✓ Wants to get back on track ONCE AND FOR ALL

✓ Understands how important having business finances in order is

Investment: $1999 flat rate + $199 per month of clean-up *

* If you have more than 3 months worth of clean-up needed, we can develop a customized quote for you.

Monthly Management

After we’ve cleaned up your books and developed your streamlined monthly process, we can continue to manage your books on a monthly basis. We create a customized monthly fee depending on your needs.


Our monthly management retainers always include:

  • Monthly bookkeeping to record all of your business transactions and reconcile all of your bank and credit accounts

  • Your key financial reports, like your Income Statement uploaded to your secure Client Portal for your easy review

  • All CRA filing and remittances for HST, source deductions (payroll taxes), and tax installments if applicable

  • A monthly subscription to QuickBooks online

  • Liaising with your accountant throughout the year as needed and at tax time to provide them with all the information they need and answer questions

  • Recording year-end adjusting entries

  • Documenting any process changes and keeping your month-end process current throughout the year

  • Keeping your paperwork neat and tidy whether stored online or in paper files, and switching over the files at year end 

  • Check-in meetings and updates as needed, including a finance review after year-end


Some optional other areas we can support you include:

  • Managing your payroll on the platform of your choice (or we can recommend one!) to ensure it is processed accurately and on-time according to your payroll schedule, adding or removing employees as they come and go, issuing Records of Employment, and preparing and filing annual T4s

  • Managing your accounts payable to ensure your bills are paid on time and cash flow is managed appropriately

  • Managing your accounts receivable to ensure you receive all the money owed to you, which can include things like bank deposits, invoicing clients or customers, and overseeing POS payouts

This is great for the business owner or non-profit leader who:

✓ Doesn’t have the time to manage their own books, payroll, payables, or receivables

✓ Wants the peace of mind knowing they have a team of professionals looking out for their business

✓ Struggles to keep their books up to date, but wants access to accurate and timely financial data 

✓ Have previously worked with bookkeepers who don’t communicate well or who don’t provide enough support to meet their needs

Investment: Beginning at $349 per month, determined by transaction volume, number of accounts, and file complexity

Sometimes you need one-off support unrelated or in addition to your retainer. In this case, our hourly bookkeeping rate is $55 per hour for any bookkeeping work outside the scope of your retainer.


For work done outside of the accounting file we bill at an hourly books consulting rate of $80 per hour. This would include activities such as support with incorporating or restructuring your business, research, and sourcing of POS, CRM, and payroll platforms, developing accounting manuals or non-profit budget frameworks, and 1:1 training.

Interested in Books Management for your organization?
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