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Performance reviews sometimes get a bad rap. But we know that's only because they're often poorly handled! Performance reviews should be a value add to your company, not a waste of time. This package is your answer to implementing a performance review system that will actually work for your business.


Our signature system is easy to follow, easy to use, and delivers great results. With our system, you'll make the most of your time spent preparing for and conducting employee reviews and the result will be engaged employees, clear expectations, higher goal attainment, positive culture-value alignment, and improved role clarity.


The package is essentially done-for-you, containing all the necessary forms and information to get started today! You can also customize our forms to your liking. Either way - the system will be one that will be effective for your business for years to come. 

The Performance Review Package

  • This 36-page guide includes:

    Information about how to set up your performance review system and what to consider.

    All the forms you need, which can be used as-is or customized to your needs, including:

    • probation review form
    • manager's instruction package
    • employee's instruction package
    • 360 degree feedback form
    • employee evaluation form

    We've also included a BONUS guide of additional areas of assessment, to help ensure you can easily capture the competencies that are most important for your business

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