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Evaluating your staffing needs

The new year is a great time to take an objective look at your organization and determine a plan for achieving your business goals for the year. An important element you shouldn’t overlook is evaluating your staffing needs. Forbes considers employees to be a company’s biggest asset, and ensuring your organization’s structure is facilitating your employees’ success will ultimately lead to organizational success.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to evaluate your staffing needs and determine if it’s time to grow your team or consider some restructuring:

  • What are the tasks each role currently performs? Make a high-level inventory of the tasks for each position in your organization, or ask each team member to do this for their individual role. A helpful way to capture this information can be to write down tasks and responsibilities that occur daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Assigning time values to each responsibility is helpful too. Once you have this information, you want to compare the lists and think critically about how the workload is distributed in your organization. This exercise may highlight that there is a team or specific role in your organization with a significant amount of responsibility. If you notice that occurring and it’s an area you’d like to continue growing for your organization, that could mean you’d benefit from hiring in support of that business function.

  • What are my big picture goals for the organization? Taking time to reflect on your goals for your organization is so important when evaluating staffing, so you ensure you are adding or reallocating resources that advance your big picture goals. If you’re having a hard time identifying your big picture goal, here are some additional questions you can ask yourself:

    • What does my ideal day-to-day look like as the CEO? How do I want to spend my time?

    • What are some current pain points I want to minimize or eliminate in the workplace?

    • What is our competitive advantage that we want to continue fostering?

    • What are some big ideas I could tackle this year?

  • What gaps exist between our current organization and our big picture goals’ organization? After you’ve written down your overall vision, asking yourself this question can highlight the gaps that may exist in your organization, and highlight where action needs to be taken. When assessing your gaps, you want to think not only about roles that may not currently exist, but also skill gaps that may currently exist in your workforce. This can ultimately inform your decision to increase, decrease, reshuffle, or up-skill your workforce in order to achieve your goals.


Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, our team is ready to help you take action! We offer many services depending on your needs:

  • Increasing your team: We can take care of the entire recruitment process for you, from writing the job description and posting your job, to making an offer to your preferred candidate. Request a discovery call to discuss further. Looking for more of a DIY recruitment approach? We have a Hiring Toolkit to guide you through the entire process yourself!

  • Restructuring your team: In the event that some current roles aren’t serving your organization and you’d like to modify team members’ roles, request a discovery call for as-needed consulting support.

  • Not sure what your organization needs? Book a strategic session for us to walk you through the reflection process, and develop tangible next steps for your organization.


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