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Hiring your first worker is an exciting milestone as a business owner, but can feel quite overwhelming! There are lots of things you need to navigate, like how to open your first payroll account, learning about the Employment Standards Act to be a compliant employer, checking if you need to register for WSIB, and much more.


This toolkit is meant to address all of the common questions of this process so you can feel as confident and informed as possible as you navigate this new experience in your business!

Hiring your First Worker in Ontario

  • This 28-page guide includes:

    • Deciding if you Need to Hire
    • Employees and Independent Contractors
    • The True Cost of a Worker
    • Recruiting your First Worker
    • Employment Standards Act 101
    • Workplace Accommodations
    • Making your First Offer
    • Paying your First Worker
    • Understanding an Employee's Probationary Period
    • Employee Contracts and Amendments
    • Preparing for your Employee's First Day
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