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Sustainable Holiday Shopping

If you’re dreaming of a green Christmas, look no further. One of our values at Markle Consulting is caring about community, eco-sustainability, and ethical business practices and the holidays present a great opportunity to live this value. Many of the small businesses we work with make sustainable gift-giving possible.

Below we’ve shared some tips to find a sustainable gift for your loved ones this holiday season:

  • Shop local. By supporting local businesses you’re not only saving on the delivery cost, but also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. You’re also able to avoid excessive plastic packaging which adds more waste to our growing landfills. Another bonus is that you're supporting folks right at home in your community!

  • Review company websites. You can learn a lot by reading a company’s commitment to sustainability. Do the metrics they’re using seem very easy to achieve? Are their metrics focused on changing a product that is only a small piece of their business? Are their products made in Ontario or Canada? Focus on what a company primarily sells and what they’re doing to ensure those products and business practices are sustainable.

  • Read the labels. Synthetic fibres do a lot of environmental damage through waste and pollution. Look for recycled materials, organic materials made with less water, or sustainable fabrics like Tencel™.

  • Look for energy-efficient products. To minimize the energy a product requires, look at the product's energy efficiency rating. This will also decrease future energy bills, a bonus for both the earth and your wallet!

  • Buy secondhand. Consider purchasing something from a consignment, vintage, or thrift shop! Some “new to you” items can be of amazing quality and in great shape from a shop near you, all without adding to our landfills.


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