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Employee Handbooks

Developing an employee handbook (aka company handbook, staff manual, company policy manual) is a common request we get from our clients. But what really is it?

An employee handbook is a document that outlines the policies related to the employer-employee relationship in a workplace.

It typically includes things like:

  • the company background, vision, mission, goals, culture, and code of ethics

  • your hiring practices and statement on equal opportunity employment

  • employment basics, such as the employment types within your company, your hours of work, and your expectations for things like attendance, punctuality, dress code, and working from home

  • required workplace policies (such as anti-violence, anti-harassment, and anti-sexual harassment) and other good to have policies (such as social media usage and confidentiality)

  • details on compensation, including your payroll practices, how employees log their time, who is eligible for benefits, and what discounts or perks are offered

  • vacation and time off of work, such as the process to request paid time, or what leave options you offer above and beyond legislative minimums

  • the process to exit the company

  • an acknowledgment and sign off to ensure your employees understand the policies outlined and agree to abide by them

If you’re unsure if you need one or don't see how it would be helpful, here are some things to consider:

  • an employee handbook formalizes your business practices and creates clear expectations in the employee/employer relationship.

  • having policies in writing ensures you’re operating with consistency across situations – something employees truly appreciate from an employer.

  • some policies are legally required in the workplace, so having a resource to use for enforcement and to guide decision-making promotes employee safety and wellbeing, along with workplace compliance.

  • it doesn't have to be a long, boring document. you can be creative to develop a document that is a true reflection of the culture and personality of your workplace.

  • a handbook can save you time and money in the long run. If you're tired of explaining your policies every time someone new joins your team then the handbook can be the new place you direct them to. If you were ever in a situation where your policies and procedures were legally being questioned, then your handbook is a great spot to prove what policies you have in place. This handbook can be a liability lifesaver for employers!

Looking to create your own employee handbook? Our step-by-step guide is launching soon!

Looking to get your own customized employee handbook? Set up a discovery call today!


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